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Benefits of Neem Oil Soap

Neem oil has been used as a skin treatment for many centuries, particularly in India, where it is a highly treasured component of Ayurvedic medicine. Neem oil is extracted from the evergreen Neem Tree, native to certain areas of India, Southeast Asia and Africa. The bark, leaves and fruit of this amazing tree all have many different medicinal uses, a majority of which are related to skin care and the treatment of skin conditions. Neem oil soap contains neem oil as one of its key ingredients. Neem oil soap has many incredible qualities. It is known for its antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory actions. It can be used as a regular treatment for a variety of skin conditions, from eczema to athlete’s foot.

In order to treat long-term chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis or acne, it is beneficial to include neem oil soap in your daily washing routine. Neem oil contains natural compounds that have similar effects to pharmaceutical steroids. Neem oil soap soothes the irritation and itching of these conditions without any of the side-effects associated with conventional steroid treatments. Neem oil is also a highly effective insect repellent, and can be used to treat insect bites and stings. Regularly using neem oil soap in your bathing routine will help to repel mosquitoes and other biting insects, as they do not like the scent of neem oil. Don’t worry, the scent is quite pleasant to people! To soothe an insect bite or sting that’s bugging you, wash the area with some warm water and neem oil soap. You do not have to have a chronic skin condition to reap the benefits of using neem oil soap to wash your skin. It can be used as part of a daily skin care regime to keep your skin clear, as it helps to remove excess oils. It also contains powerful antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin E, all of which help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and keep your skin looking young.

Neem oil soap is beneficial to people of all ages, from young children with eczema, to teenagers suffering from acne, to older people who wish to take care of their skin and protect it against the damage of environmental factors, such as sun exposure. While you can also buy neem oil in pure, undiluted form, it is safest to use it in soap form for the treatment of skin conditions, in case of reactions or irritation. While some soaps only include a token amount of neem oil, it is best to look for one which contains between 20 and 40 percent neem oil in order to gain maximum benefits for your skin. In order to guarantee the quality and percentage of neem oil in your soap, it is of course possible to make it yourself. There are many soap-making recipes available online and in crafting books that will demonstrate how to make neem oil soap that contains all-natural ingredients, and that will provide the most benefits from this amazing oil.